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Top Images of 2019

Top Image #1 - Confidence - Taken at the Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City Have you ever considered looking back at your year as a photographer to decide what your top images were from the past year? I think this is a truly valuable and amazing process that everyone wanting to grow as a photographer [...]

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Intentional Camera Movement – ICM

Intentional Camera Movement Photography Zoom blur with pause - f/10 - 1.3 sec. Intentional camera movement or ICM, is a style of photography where the resulting image is intentionally out of focus or blurred. This can mean that portions of the image are un-sharp or blurry, or possibly the entire image. This is different than [...]

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Rotational Blurs – Intentional Camera Movement

Ivy covered wall - Rotational Blur - 1/6th sec. - f/7.1 Rotational Blurs - ICM Intentional Camera Movement Rotational blurs are another of the basic styles of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). ICM is a style of photography that works with unsharp images. In this style, the details in an image do not need to be [...]

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Zoom Blurs – Intentional Camera Movement

Zoom blur of railroad tracks in fog, tripod used - 1/6th second - ISO 50 - f/29 Zoom Blurs – Intentional Camera Movement Intentional Camera Movement There are a few basic variations on the concept of intentional camera movement (ICM). One of the easier ones to get good results with are zoom blurs. The idea [...]

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Panning Blurs – Intentional Camera Movement

Panning Blurs – ICM Panning blurs are one of the basic concepts related to intentional camera movement (ICM). ICM is a style of photography with the intent that an image does not need to be in focus to be a good image. The blurred, unsharp qualities of this style of images can make for some [...]

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Pick the Winners

Picking the Winners Photo Editing Tip for Beginners I think the single most important photo editing tip for beginners I can give is simply, Pick the Winners. The concept is simple, just pick the best photos from the set every time you go shooting. The concept is simple, but in practice, it may be a [...]

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Becoming a Digital Photographer

Digital Photography Becoming a digital photographer is easier than ever these days. Digital cameras have made photography more accessible than ever for just about anyone. The idea that you can take high quality images with your phone is on the verge of crazy talk for anyone who was around in the film days. Not only [...]

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