There are photography adventures close to anyone, often within a short drive. Local parks, cities, regional wildlife preserves, are just a few options. What is close to you?

Sea Otter Tours

Sea otter mother and pup sharing a meal I have wanted to explore sea otter tours for a while, but only now gotten around to it. All I can say is that I was very much overdue to take one, and now I'll be taking sea otter tours on a regular basis. I went out [...]

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Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Sunset - Taken 12-1-17 Exploring the Yolo Bypass The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is one of the lesser known gems of the Sacramento region. It comprises just under 17,000 acres on the east side of Davis, CA, bordered by Highway 80 on the north side, and essentially goes to West Sacramento [...]

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Visiting Vikingsholm Tahoe

Vikingsholm Tahoe Vikingsholm Tahoe is one of the true gems to visit around Lake Tahoe. It is located on Emerald Bay and is well worth the time to visit. It goes by a few names, and is more formally Vikingsholm Castle. The property has a long history going back to the 1860's, but Vikingsholm Castle [...]

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Elephant Seal Adventure

Elephant Seal Viewing There are a few places in California where you can see northern elephant seals in their natural environments, but I’m not sure there is a better place than Año Nuevo State Park. Elephant seal viewing is available year round, but I would recommend going in January or February during mating and birthing season. [...]

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Bear Jam

Bear Jam in Yellowstone National Park If you are ever visiting Yellowstone National Park, there is a pretty high chance that at some point you will become quickly familiar with the idea of a 'bear jam'. No, this is not some form of delectable treat to spread on toast, although I think someone should make [...]

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Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone Simply put, visiting Yellowstone National Park, is something you have to do! It is truly an amazing place, verging on mystical. From wildlife to incredible landscapes to things you may never be able to see anywhere else. All these types of things await you when visiting. This is based on my first time visiting [...]

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Whale Watching in Monterey

Whale watching is something you have to do if you enjoy the ocean and wildlife. It really is the best combination of things. You get to be on the water for several hours, and are out looking for the largest animals on the planet. If you are a follower of nature and wildlife photos, you [...]

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