Welcome to My Photography Adventure! 

My name is Brent, and I have been a photography enthusiast most of my life. Most of my life has been spent with some form of camera in my hand. Not too long ago, I realized I wanted to do more with photos than I had been doing, and that it was time to actually learn about “photography” itself. I needed to understand how a camera actually works, what the settings do, and how each one effects an image. For far too long I used a camera the way many people do, have it in one of the automatic modes and see what happens. I wanted that time to be over for me.

This site is dedicated to my adventure in not only learning photography, but also the things I enjoy shooting. Many people approach photography just as the resulting photo, but there is much to learn these days in getting to the photo. There are things like your camera equipment, computers, software, post processing, and related concepts for these areas and more. If you want to be a truly good photographer, you have to not just be aware of these areas, but also at least fairly good at them.Brent - My Photography Adventure

Fortunately for me, I’m a bit of a computer geek, so the technology behind all that is needed for photography today comes somewhat easily to me. Part of what I will be doing here, is also trying to help anyone wanting to learn more about photography. I’m a technology teacher as well, so I’ll do what I can to help teach what I have learned.

Sometimes, I’ve had to learn things the hard way. I have no problem talking about where I went wrong, so you can hopefully avoid my errors.

Welcome to My Photography Adventure! I hope you will enjoy your own photography adventure!