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Skimming Elkhorn Slough

Image of the Week Brown pelican skimming over the water Image of the Week One of my favorite views is watching pelicans fly, especially as they are skimming just over the water. This one was skimming the water over Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing, CA. [...]

China Beach View

Image of the Week Image of the Week China Beach San Francisco, CA Image Considerations The view from China Beach of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has an amazing number of viewpoints from where you can see it around [...]

Rotational Blurs – Intentional Camera Movement

Ivy covered wall - Rotational Blur - 1/6th sec. - f/7.1 Rotational Blurs - ICM Intentional Camera Movement Rotational blurs are another of the basic styles of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). ICM is a style of photography that works with unsharp images. In this style, [...]

Photography Adventures

Sea Otter Tours

Sea otter mother and pup sharing a meal I have wanted to explore sea otter tours for a while, but only now gotten around to it. All I can say is that I was very much overdue to take one, and now I'll be taking [...]

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Sunset - Taken 12-1-17 Exploring the Yolo Bypass The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is one of the lesser known gems of the Sacramento region. It comprises just under 17,000 acres on the east side of Davis, CA, bordered by Highway 80 [...]

Visiting Vikingsholm Tahoe

Vikingsholm Tahoe Vikingsholm Tahoe is one of the true gems to visit around Lake Tahoe. It is located on Emerald Bay and is well worth the time to visit. It goes by a few names, and is more formally Vikingsholm Castle. The property has a [...]