My Photography Adventure

My Photography Adventure
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Photography Adventures

Visiting Vikingsholm Tahoe

Vikingsholm Tahoe Vikingsholm Tahoe is one of the true gems to visit around Lake Tahoe. It is located on Emerald Bay and is well worth the time to visit. It goes by a few names, and is more formally Vikingsholm Castle. The property has a [...]

Elephant Seal Adventure

Elephant Seal Viewing There are a few places in California where you can see northern elephant seals in their natural environments, but I’m not sure there is a better place than Año Nuevo State Park. Elephant seal viewing is available year round, but I would recommend [...]

Bear Jam

Bear Jam in Yellowstone National Park If you are ever visiting Yellowstone National Park, there is a pretty high chance that at some point you will become quickly familiar with the idea of a 'bear jam'. No, this is not some form of delectable treat [...]

Weekly Images

World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day Image of the Week World Rhino Day 2018 My calendar is filled with various animal related dates. September 22nd is World Rhino Day, so it seemed like good timing to have my image of the week be a southern white rhino. Although [...]

Newport Beach Sunset

Newport Beach Sunset   Image of the Week Newport Beach Sunset The breakwater at Newport Beach, CA provides some wonderful opportunities for sunset photography. A Newport Beach sunset looking out at the Pacific ocean is always special, but when you happen on a near perfect [...]

Little Egret in Shadows

Little Egret in the Shadows   Image of the Week Little Egret Many people only know them as a little egret, but they are actually snowy egrets. They can be on the timid side and are much smaller than their counterparts the great egret. Other [...]

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